Fun Summertime Activities For FREE (or close to it)

Well we’re getting ready to say goodbye to spring and hello to summertime! That means heat, no school, and lots of free time. In this tight economic time, a lot of people are getting very creative about how they spend their time and money. Let’s face it, we all want to have fun – even more so when the money is tight and times are stressful! Here are some ways that I have seen people having fun and it is costing them NOTHING (or next to it).

  • Start a blog
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Play a board game, card game or any kind of game
  • Check out the community calendar
  • Library visits – just to peruse the books, magazines and check out free movies
  • Bake a new dish using stuff that is already in the pantry and freezer
  • Clean up the yard
  • Learn a new skill (maybe how to change your car’s oil)
  • Start a DIY project
  • Start a new workout routine
  • Attack one room in the house and reorganize it
  • Volunteer at a local community center, food pantry, or animal shelter
  • Take the train downtown to people watch – I LOVE doing this in Chicago!
  • Catch up on some old shows with
  • Take time to pet and play with the dog and cat
  • Go on a hike or a walk
  • Pick-up basketball games at the local park

These are a few ideas. What are your favorite things to do that cost little or no money?


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