Giving – Part 1

At NewSpring Church, we are in the midst of a huge move of God!  In fact, the vision God has given to Perry blows my mind!

You can read about the next steps of NewSpring HERE.

There has been loads of prayer, discussion, and dialogue and NOW the time is here for us to STEP UP.  All of the talk is over.  It is time to give in order to see this vision accomplished.  Next Sunday, October 7, will be the time for us to give!

This entire process has caused me to ask the question "Why do I give?" at an entirely different level.

So in this series, I will be sharing the process that Jenn and I have followed to determine what we will give and the reasons we give.

Today's Focus

  • How we determine who we give to
  • The reasons Jenn and I give

Jenn and I give to many organizations.  Here are some.

1.  We support our local church with at least 10% of our gross income.  As Christ-followers, we are commanded to bring the whole tithe (10% of gross income) to the church.  I know this is hard for some folks to commit to, but I am so BLESSED!  I cannot imagine NOT giving at least 10%!!!  Why do I give to my local church?  Let me count the ways!

  • Because NewSpring Church is committed to reaching people with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ!
  • Because people give to NewSpring Church, I am able to offer one-on-one financial counseling for FREE to anyone in the community – regardless of their attendance at NewSpring.
  • Because people give to NewSpring Church, I am able to carry this crusade to the nations!
  • Because people give to NewSpring Church, we are able to provide counseling for troubled marriages and those suffering through addiction.
  • Because I believe that the local church is the hope of the world!

2.  We support missionaries.  Why?

  • Because they are carrying this great message of HOPE to those who have never heard it!
  • Because we believe in these two missionaries and the mission they are on!  As a result, Jenn and I support their efforts financially.

3.  We support Purdue University.  Why?

  • Because this fantastic school provided a springboard for us to lead productive, meaningful lives!
  • Because Jenn and I met at this school our first weekend there as freshman!  We went through four years of school together at Purdue, and it was AWESOME!  It was the best four-year vacation I have ever taken!
  • Their football team is GREAT!

If I were to boil down the reasons we give, this would be the short list.

  1. The cause is visionary, far-reaching, effective, and challenging
  2. The cause has a track record of results
  3. I believe in the mission of each cause and the leaders of it
  4. We are just managers of our money.  God is the owner.  We have been blessed beyond what we ever deserve, and Jenn and I would rather spend money toward leaving a legacy beyond ourselves and our lives.

The Bible says "… where your treasure is, there your heart will be also"

Question of the Day:  What cause do you believe in?  Why not support it financially?

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  2. plonkee on October 5, 2007 at 1:01 pm

    I believe that in a civilised world, people should have access to clean water, food and an opportunity to live a life without fear. I give to Oxfam and Amnesty International, which support overseas development and human rights respectively. Both of these charities provide practical help and campaign to improve the general state of things, purposes that I think are good in this context.

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