Giving – Part 3

In this series of posts, I am sharing:

Today's Focus

  • The results of our giving

Giving is by far the most rewarding thing that Jenn and I get to do!  There is NOTHING like being able to bless someone or an organization with a financial gift or our time.

Here are some of the rewards that we have enjoyed as a result of giving.

  • Seeing lives changed at our church.  We have seen over 1,000 people commit their lives to Jesus in the past year.  We have seen over 1,000 people baptized and publicly proclaim Jesus as their Lord – in just the past year.  This happened in part because of our giving.  Someone once asked the question, "How much ministry can be accomplished for $100?"  The response was so right, "About $100 worth!"  God has given a huge vision to NewSpring Church.  I LOVE being a part of that!
  • Having a great spending plan that works!   "What?!!!". you might ask.  Listen, Jenn and I could not give like we do without having a great spending plan that follows the magic formula INCOME – OUTGO = EXACTLY ZERO.  By having a great spending plan, we are able to KNOW that we can give AND save AND spend money.  It is awesome!!!  Don't have a good spending plan?  You can start yours right now by clicking TOOLS at the top of the page!
  • Seeing Purdue University grow.  I spent four years there having my world rocked!  Jenn spent five years there.  It is awesome to go back and see all of the new buildings and KNOW that they are grooming phenomenal talent for generations to come!
  • Seeing the reports from the missionaries.  I actually place their reports in my investing binder.  Why?  Because this is our investment into leaving a legacy that will last far beyond us!
  • Teaching our daughter the power of giving!  This is an awesome way to teach your children a lifetime of learning!  Melea clearly understands that we are giving to causes that we really believe in.
  • Knowing that we have been a part of something great.  NewSpring Church, Nappanee Missionary Church, Purdue University, Missionaries …  The list goes on.  We have been a part of some great things!  What better way to live life?  To be able to GIVE, SAVE, and SPEND is to be live a FULL, RICH LIFE!!!

What can I say?  We love giving to worthy causes!  When you have been as blessed as Jenn and I have been, you can't help but be compelled to give!

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