Got Oxen? – Part 06

This is a series of posts containing excerpts from my latest book, Oxen, which releases on Tuesday, October 30, 2012!  Pre-order your copy today and receive 20% off!

With new revelation and life-revolutionizing understanding, I embarked on a journey to find and acquire oxen. I talked to anyone who would listen and several who would not. I pondered it day and night. In fact, I talked so much about Proverbs 14:4 that my mother even wrote it down on a small dry erase board she keeps on the refrigerator. It has remained written there for over ten years. Every time I visit my parents, it is a constant reminder that this teaching must be shared with others.

There is a choice each person must make. In pursuit of financial abundance, you can choose to rely on yourself and your own abilities, or you can acquire oxen to help you. Don’t miss my wording here. It is a choice, whether a conscious one or not, that each one of us will make as we journey through life.

I have chosen to acquire oxen, and have found Proverbs 14:4 to be absolutely true. While my family’s oxen acquisition journey has been adventurous, frightening, incredible, and exciting, I have discovered that the strength of oxen has indeed led to an abundant harvest. The same can be true for you. All you need is some good oxen.

Now I have one question for you:

Got oxen?



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