Great Questions To Ask About Money

A random list of great questions to ask about money …

  • Can you offer this to me at a lower price?
  • I'm looking for a deal.  Can you also include "X" if I purchase this item today.
  • If I keep managing money they way I currently manage money, will I be able to accomplish my future hopes/plans/dreams?
  • Who can I bless today?
  • If my wife or child had to have emergency surgery today, would I be able to absorb the financial impact?
  • If I died today, would those who depend on your income be protected?
  • Do I really NEED this?
  • Do I work for a paycheck or am I doing what I love to do?
  • Do you add huge value to your business?  Why not objectively ask for a raise.  Look, you delivered "X" results that benefited the company.  Why not improve the income?
  • What could I do with all of this money that I send toward debt payments each month?
  • What does life look like without ANY payments.  No house payment.  No student loan payment.  No car payment.  No credit card payments.  NO PAYMENTS!

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