How To Destroy Your Finances – Part Five

Welcome to the latest series at the wildly popular – “How To Destroy Your Finances”

In this series, I will be sharing methods proven to cause financial pain and agony. Use these methods if you want to live with piles of stress and harm your relationships.

Part Five   Let Your Feelings Drive All Of Your Financial Decisions

When all else fails to destroy your finances, employ this method. After all, your feelings are always correct, right? I mean, there was that time you felt that one person was really awesome and wanted to date them and they turned out to be a terrible monster, but that was just a one time error. Your feelings should absolutely come first when it comes to finances. Employ Nike’s slogan: Just Do It. When you were thinking about saving some money, go ahead with your feeling to go shopping. When you wanted to go to Human Resources to set up your retirement plan contributions, go ahead with your feeling to go out with your friends.

Go ahead and date the person who has piles of debt and two bankruptcies. I’m sure they were telling the truth when they say it was all someone else’s fault. Even though your friends are telling you how awesome a budget is working for them, let your feelings of inadequacies force you to remain quiet instead of asking them to help you with your own budget.

When the salesperson says you look good in it – buy it. When you don’t want to eat the groceries in the fridge, just go out to eat every meal.

Your feelings rule.

Of course, if you don’t want to destroy your finances, you would prepare a budget (get free budget tools here) and automate the important things so you won’t have to rely on “feeling like it” for the things you know are important – like college savings, emergency savings, investments for retirement, and exciting things like Christmas and property taxes.

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