Inflation Is Brutal

We have all noticed inflation's brutal effects over the last couple of years.  We all saw a gallon of gasoline move from $1/gallon to more than $4/gallon.  Four times more for the same amount.   We have seen inflation in nearly everything we buy, but I think I may have experienced the last straw.

You see, I had this great thing going with my favorite soda machine.  It provided a cold, refreshing soda to me for the very reasonable price of $0.25.  BUT NOW inflation has hit.  It was not 4% inflation.  It was not 15% inflation.  No.  It was 100% inflation!

My now-not-so-favorite soda machine will no longer deliver a cold, refreshing soda for $0.25.  Instead, it just sits there and asks for more money.  Another $0.25 to be exact.

This inflation thing is brutal.

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  1. Casey on March 11, 2009 at 5:42 am

    All the soda machines where I work are now charging $0.75 for a cold refreshing drink!

    It’s one more reason to drink water.

  2. Gail on March 11, 2009 at 6:10 am

    Hey Joe! I am so excited. Just wanted to give you an update & share God’s absolute faithfulness.(which never ceases to amaze me!) After 8 1/2 mo. Bill finally! got a job. It was to be a sales job with Tru Green. a)he hates hard core sales & b)the hours were M-F 12noon-9pm & Sat. from 9am-3pm. This put a kabosh on dinner w/the family & helping to put our girls to bed. Let me back up 3 yrs ago, we knew that God took Bill out of retail & provided him a M-F job. So this really wasn’t making a lot of sense, but the only offer we’d had in 8 months; but figured something’s better than nothing & felt like we just needed to be obedient to God.
    Monday am came this week & Bill continued to search the job boards for something else. Lo & behold- a M-F 9-5:30 job working with photography equipment. He wants to go into photography & has been working that way for the last 2 years. Interviewed & researched with the company & starts today! God is awesome. This will allow us to be involved in our church activities as well(small group, etc.)
    Thanks for all your prayers. Looking forward to getting out of debt now!
    -Gail Parmentier

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