Managing Money As A Single Parent – Part 00

Welcome to the latest series here at the wildly popular – “Managing Money As A Single Parent”!

So many people are faced with this very situation, and it is a key issue many people face today. Life as a single parent is very challenging. Balancing your children’s needs with the demands of your job creates a near-constant tension. Toss money into this equation, and life can become overwhelming! The good news is it is still possible to thrive financially even when faced with what, at times, can feel like insurmountable odds. This series has been prepared to provide key steps you can take to win with money in spite of your circumstances.

Over the next several days, I will be sharing seven key steps single parents can take to win with money. If you apply these principles and take the practical steps outlined in each section, you will eliminate a ton of stress and frustration. You can do this!

As part of this series, I would love to hear from some single parents about the financial challenges you have faced. Will you take two minutes to share your thoughts with me? If you can’t see the survey, please click here to access the survey.


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