Marching To Debt Freedom – Couple #1 – Month 06


Couple #1 is THROUGH with debt!  They have been married for many years and have two children.  They are now SIX months into their march.  Here is this month's update.

What went well this month …

WOW! This is like when you can fit into your skinny jeans again.  God blessed us and sent us a bonus check and instead of blowing it, I put it to good use.  I paid off my car, and paid $3,000.00 on the other car.  I am stoked!  In about three months, I will be shed of all debt except the big stuff.  We are also getting a tax refund, and I am hurling that at debt too.  I feel like David reaching for the stones, baby!

What were the challenges/struggles this month …

The only struggle is feeling guilty because we did not do this early on.  I would be a freaking gazillionare by now.  God rocks.  Joe rocks.  Not being broke rocks.  Yee Ha!

What are the biggest changes you have seen as a result of the first six months of this march …

This has made us focus like a laser beam on our finances – both good and bad.  It has let us have a glimpse of what life will be like with no debt, and I like it.  I can only wish that anyone who reads this takes it to heart.  Don't let credit cards ruin your happiness.  I will always remember my IHHE Moment!

Updated Debt Freedom Date …

Month By Month Progress …

Sangl Says …

ANOTHER DEBT IS GONE!  Couple #1 has definitely had enough.  Look at the progress they have made in just six months!  Their initial Debt Freedom Date calculation was 42.9 months.  They are now down to 35.1 months AND they have avoided all new debt.  They had to slow down during Christmas so that they could avoid debt that month, but it allowed them to stay on the path toward financial freedom.  In just six months, Couple #1 has made FOUR different debts leave their life!

Way to go, Couple #1!  I am FIRED UP by the progress you guys are making!

Readers …

How are you doing on YOUR debt freedom march?  You can do this!

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  1. Saving Freak on March 4, 2008 at 5:45 am

    Looks like three more debts will leave in the next five months even without a tax return. THAT IS AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work and watch the benefits just roll in.

  2. jim on March 4, 2008 at 8:07 am

    Paying off your car is great. But if you get another bonus check you should really go after your high interest credit cards. Keep an eye on that Discover. It will not be 0% forever. I’m not sure about your credit card rates, but I would call all of the companies and at least try to get a lower APR. It can’t hurt to ask.

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