Marching To Debt Freedom – Couple #3 – Month 07


This couple has been married for many years and have one child.   They have HAD IT with their debt and have been marching toward debt freedom since November 2007.  They are THROUGH with credit cards.

What went well this month?

The 401(k) loan payment won't be taken out of the paycheck until July 1, so we were able to increase our payment to $200 on National City this month! YEAH!! We are hoping once the loan payment comes out we can continue doing this…….  It is nice to see some balances coming down…..

What were the challenges/struggles this month?

We are just trying to stay on track and see the big picture at the end…BECOMING DEBT FREE!!! The cost of gas and groceries going up is impacting our budget some…but we are shifting things around so that INCOME – OUTGO = EXACTLY ZERO……we couldn't live without the budget sheet!!! It helps us out TREMENDOUSLY!!!!!

Updated Debt Freedom Date …

Month By Month Progress …

Have you taught any of your friends/family this stuff?  If you have, how did it go?

My husband has shared this with several co-workers who were excited about it….he gave them the website so that they could learn more about it.

Sangl Says …

Couple #3 is in position to make dramatic debt reduction.  Will it happen?  Let us watch and see!

Readers …

If you have debt, what steps do you need to take to position yourself to make dramatic improvements to your debt situation?  What will it take to make you take those steps?

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  1. TurtleLover on July 10, 2008 at 7:45 am

    Congrats and keep up the good work! I see your “months” have gone down again and I bet that feels great for you! Thanks for sharing!

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