Margin – Part 3

Welcome to the latest series of – Margin.   This is a series where we will focus on the real and emotional effects of living life WITH and WITHOUT financial margin.   As part of this crusade to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their money, I see so many people living life on the edge with no financial margin.   Lack of financial margin leads to lots of issues.   Through this series, we will be discussing the benefits of establishing and keeping financial margin.

Part 3Improved Relationships

Individuals who are against the wall financially for extended periods of time can many times hurt people in ways that they never would do if they had financial margin.   I’ve seen business owners (with no margin) who completely lose their minds on a customer who owed them $1,000 even though they are late on $10,000 of bills to their own suppliers.   They are agitated, angry, and threatening.   But a third party could easily say that the business owner is completely out of line.   What is causing this issue?   No financial margin!

I’ve seen countless relationships injured or destroyed because of no financial margin.   Children continue to borrow money from Mom and Dad.   Mom and Dad demanding money from their children.   Friendships.   Business relationships.   Working relationships.   My bet is that you’ve seen it too and many of you have experienced it!   It is incredibly hurtful and can cause enormous stress and heartache.

Here is the question of the day:

What would these situations look like if each person had financial margin?

Wouldn’t there be a lot less borrowing?   Wouldn’t there be less heartache, pain, and agony?

Make the greatest investment into your peace and state of mind – establish financial margin!

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