Mini Budget Tool – Plan your back to school spending!

Can you believe it is already August?!!  Summer has flown by and school is right around the corner.  With classes starting up, inevitably you will be getting a list of required school supplies that your child will need for the first day of school.  You planned for that in your budget, right?

You should have set aside some money for school supplies and new clothes but the Mini-Budget Tool can help you take that planning one step further, especially if you have multiple kids!

You can use the tool to show different scenarios for spending different amounts on various items.  Get your list(s) together and make a plan for your back-to-school shopping. This way, you are way less likely to overspend and blow your August budget.

Remember, when your INCOME – OUTGO = EXACTLY ZERO, the cell will turn green, indicating that you have “spent” every dollar on paper first.  You will notice after you download the tool, there are three different options for your budget. This gives you the option to spend your money multiple ways and see which allocation of money makes the most sense for you.

Try out the mini-budget tool today and plan your back to school shopping today!

EXTRA TIP: Make sure you check to see if your state participates in Tax Free Weekend and plan your school shopping then!  This can be really helpful in saving some money, especially if you are looking to buy big ticket items such as a new laptop!


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