National Debt: What YOU can do about it – 1

You’ve seen our monthly US National Debt updates,   and it is not good news.

If you are like me, the sheer enormity of it can cause one to say, “That’s really bad.”   Then …   nothing happens.   We do nothing about it.   Our leaders do nothing about it.

Collectively as a nation, we continue to spend ourselves to oblivion.

What CAN we do about it?   It turns out that we can do a lot!   Here are some ideas to get you started.


Seriously – if YOU won’t live a fiscally responsible life – with a balanced budget, with manageable debt (or no debt!), with margin (savings), and continually planning for what’s next – why on Earth would we ever expect our leadership to do so?

Are YOU living it in your own life?   If you are, you have the authority and the authenticity to hold our leadership accountable.   If you are not, yet you are complaining about the debt and financial mismanagement – that is called … a hypocrite!

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