New Tool! Announcing the Time Budget

In November 2006, I wrote about the power of budgeting your time!  It works the same as budgeting your money!

Similarities between money and time.

  • You have limited income AND time.
  • You can only spend a dollar AND an hour once and then it is gone!
  • Planned money and planned time goes farther and is less susceptible to waste.
  • Both money and time are valuable!

I have now added two new Time Budgets to the TOOLS page.

One Time Budget is in 1/2-hour increments and the other is in 1-hour increments.

How are you spending your time?  Are you accomplishing everything you hoped for?  I highly recommend a time budget – especially for ensuring that the family spends a lot of time together.  The Sangl's have used the time budget to ensure that "Family Game Nights" and "Daddy-Daughter Date Nights" are on the schedule.  You don't want to miss out on these, and a time budget is a great to way to ensure that they happen regularly!

Have fun!

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