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Does God want you to be rich?

September 10, 2006

So I was briefly reviewing the web pages that I check daily, and I found this article on The question being asked is, “Does God want you to be rich?” Very interesting question, indeed. The question is often asked. It is interesting to see it being approached by Time Magazine. I would like to…

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The power of vision.

August 30, 2006

Now time for a story … It was summertime during 1999. I was headed out to eat lunch with a fellow engineer. We headed off to Los Hermanos in Clemson, SC (does this restaurant still exist?). Little did I know that this was to be a lunch that would change my life forever. During our…

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Term Life Insurance

August 16, 2006

Term Life Insurance is a great deal! 30 year-old male – preferred rate – 20 year level term insurance – $500,000 coverage $255/year 30 year-old female – preferred rate – 20 year level term insurance – $500,000 coverage $235/year Want to know what the current rates are for your age? Go to here to obtain…

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Money saving ideas

August 15, 2006

Pay bills annually. Life Insurance Auto Insurance Gym Membership Internet Subscriptions Negotiate any large purchase Automobiles Boats House Surgery Video camera Computer TV Furniture Jewelry Vacation Trip Sleep at least one night before making a large purchase. Consult with your spouse before making a large purchase. Drive your car for at least 250,000 miles and…

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Rummage Sales

August 3, 2006

We are in the middle of the first day of a three day garage sale. WOW! I did not know how much work it was to prepare for one of these things. I have eagerly told people to “have a rummage sale” in order to free up some quick cash and pay off some smaller…

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Financial Stress

August 1, 2006

Do you know what it is like to experience financial stress? Financial stress impacts family relationships – marriages, parents with children, children with parents, siblings. Financial stress impacts friendships and business partnerships. It can forever destroy your relationship with your spouse. Why is this? The way you manage your finances tells a story. It tells…

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About Joe

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Joe is a leading teacher of personal finances. It is his passion to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.

He is the founder of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not., the president and CEO of INJOY Stewardship Solutions, and Co-Founder of Fully Funded.

Joe is a graduate of Purdue University (BS Mechanical Engineering) and Clemson University (MBA). He is the author of several books and has been featured in Money Magazine. He has been privileged to share his passion with hundreds of thousands of people throughout North America through Financial Learning Experiences, personal finance messages and one-on-one financial coaching sessions.