Reverse Bucket List: What I’m Never Doing Again

Recently, many of you shared some of the items you have placed on your “Bucket List” – HERE.   Today, I want to talk about some “Reverse Bucket List” items – things I am NEVER doing again.

I was introduced to this concept by my mother when she announced to me that she was never going to a roller coaster park again.   She said, “That is on my reverse bucket list.   I’m never doing that again.”

It made me stop and think about this from a financial sense.   What are some things I am NEVER going to do again?

Here’s the start of my “Reverse Bucket List” …

I’m never going to:

  • Have non-house debt again (working feverishly to eliminate the house debt as well!)
  • Finance a car again
  • Finance anything with 90 days “same as cash” again – it is NOT the same as cash
  • Buy something and say, “My tax refund is coming, and I will pay for it then.”
  • Operate a single month without a written spending plan for that month’s money
  • Miss a single month investing for my two kiddos college and retirement
  • Operate without at least $2,500 in my emergency fund
  • Buy anything that costs more than $200 without first talking to Jenn about it

What are some items on your “Reverse Bucket List”?     Share some of your thoughts below!

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