Save Money For Next Christmas – Part 2

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The goal of THIS SERIES is to equip you to pay CASH for next Christmas!

Step 1   Determine how much money you want for Christmas next year

The goal in this step is to use the [download#3#nohits] to determine the amount of money that you want for next year's Christmas.

Step 2   Save EVERY month for Christmas next year

You know the amount that you need for next Christmas!  Congratulations!  You have taken a HUGE first step toward being able to have a debt-free Christmas next year!  Now, you need to save that amount!  Jenn and I save 1/12th of our Christmas every single month.  If our Christmas savings needs to be $1,000, we would save $83.33 every single month.

By saving every month, we really reduce the impact that Christmas has on our November and December budgets.  In fact, it allows us to actually ENJOY spending money for Christmas because we are not worried about how we are going to pay off our credit cards!

Here is a chart to help you determine the amount to save each month. 



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1 Comment

  1. jane on December 27, 2007 at 10:50 am

    5,000 for Christmas?!?!? What are they purchasing? I think we need to educate on the lack of commercialism and the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Ah… Jesus and celebrating His birth. Not how much loot we can get! With that much loot in the house, they are going to have to up the mortgage to more square feet. I’m sick and tired of all the stuff people “have to have”!!!

    sorry about the ranting…but reality is that if you don’t spend so much, then you won’t have the debt to pay off!

    Saw a lady on the news that was complaining about her $10,000 in cc debt. As she sat there with her two children playing with modeling clay and ALL the toys (an entire LARGE table full of needless toys)and gadgets that go along with the companies line of modeling clay.

    Don’t get me wrong….modeling clay is fun and a good creative way to learn. But EVERY STINKING ACCESSORY?!? When are we spoiled Americans going to learn self control and that we don’t NEED everything that Stuff-Mart sells!?!

    Now that will help TONS of folks stay out of debt in the first place!

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