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Welcome to the latest series at – "Helpful Real Estate Sites".

It is my hope that this series will equip you with new information that helps you make excellent real estate decisions!

Part Three –'s Real Estate Section

CNN has partnered with Money Magazine to provide helpful and very timely information about real estate – both on the macro level and the personal level.

Some specific reasons I like this site are:

  • Timely Articles – Helps me keep up with national trends in real estate
  • Calculators – I love all of CNNMoney's calculators – not just the real estate section.  In the real estate section, you can find calculators for renovations, refinancing, cost of living comparisons, and shop for a mortgage.  You can check out their calculators HERE.
  • Real Estate Tips – Whenever you learn something new regarding real estate, it has the potential to save you thousands of dollars!  I like saving money!

Those are some of the reasons that I love CNNMoney's Real Estate Section.  Have you used this resource before?

Visit CNNMoney's Real Estate Section

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