SERIES: How To Be Broke – Part 01

Welcome to the latest series here at the wildly popular! In this series, I will be sharing the top ways that people end up being financially broke. If you want to be BROKE, be sure to follow every single one of these tremendous ideas. On the other hand, if you want to win with your money – do the OPPOSITE of these amazing tips!

Part 01  Refuse to have a written plan for your life.

One sure way to ensure that your money is not maximized is to refuse to dream about what your life could be. You see, written dreams and goals can be very troublesome because they help you recognize their power and cause you to understand just how much each one will cost. This is never good if you are choosing to be a financial failure. To ensure you remain broke, choose to ignore your life. Walk unconsciously through each day. Say unhelpful things like:

  • “I’m just trying to make it through the day.”
  • “I’ll never be able to afford that.”
  • “Life is not fair.”
  • “Why is that person blessed, but not me?”
  • “The light at the end of the tunnel is just an oncoming train.”

In your quest to be broke, choose to ignore the fact that every day is a gift and instead complain about everything that is wrong. Instead of making progress toward a dream, spend your time pointing out all the reasons why achievement of the dream is not possible or choose to envy someone else who has accomplished their dream.

QUESTION: Do YOU have a written plan for your life?

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