SERIES: How To Be Broke – Part 03

Welcome to the latest series here at the wildly popular! In this series, I will be sharing the top ways that people end up being financially broke. If you want to be BROKE, be sure to follow every single one of these tremendous ideas. On the other hand, if you want to win with your money – do the OPPOSITE of these amazing tips!

Part 03  Never say NO!

It is no fun to say the word “No!” anyway. We don’t like to say the word to our children, and we definitely don’t like saying it to ourselves! So, stop saying, “No!” Just give in to everything that you, your spouse, and your children want.

  • Buy another video game (because they only have 91 already – with three different game consoles)
  • Purchase another toy (and watch them play with the box more than the toy itself)
  • Buy a new car (even though the other car was just fine – and nearly paid for)
  • Go out to eat for the 20th meal this month (at TRIPLE the cost of a home-cooked meal)
  • Go to the movies multiple times (at the low low price of a movie ticket – and a big-gulp soda)

On the other hand, let’s use the word “No!” for one thing: Saving for the future. Say “No!” to putting money into the retirement account and college fund. “Just say no!” to saving money for future plans, hopes, and dreams.

Employ these great tips, and you will be on your way to being completely broke!

QUESTION: Did you know that sometimes “No” means “Yes”? Click HERE for a thought that could revolutionize the way you view saying, “No!”

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