SERIES: Setting Goals – Part Four

Welcome to another series on – Setting Goals

I am passionate about helping others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.  I know that the number one way that folks will win with their personal finances is to have a well-written plan and clearly defined goals.

Part Four  Narrow down the list to eight or less goals.

I remember my days of being in manufacturing.  As an engineer and business manager, I visited a lot of manufacturing facilities.  Sometimes I would see a production board covered with charts of thirty different measurements.  Guess what?  Nearly every production employee had no clue of 95% of the goals.  The goals were not relevant to then.  Even worse, the important goals were lost in the sea of less important goals.

What gets measured, gets done.  If everything is measured, nothing will get done.  Narrow down your list to the top eight.  It will be difficult, but it is very important!

Go ahead and narrow down your list and then go read Part Five.

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