SERIES: Top 5 Things People Lack In Their Financial Plan 3

Over the past two and a half years, this crusade has been able to reach tens of thousands of people.  I was recently reflecting on the top things that I see most commonly lacking in folks’ financial plans.  So here are the top five things I see lacking.

Part Three  A written will

This one kills me.  When I ask people to raise their hands if they do not have a written will, it is usually over HALF of the room!  If you do not have a written will when you pass away, the government will decide who takes care of your minor children and who gets your stuff!

That ought to scare you!  The last I checked, the death rate is about 100%.  You WILL die some day.  Do you have a written will?  You can obtain a written will from a local attorney, but I have found that LegalZoom has an EXCELLENT product that allows you to write a will for much less than most attornies would charge you.

Last Wills from only $69

If you died today, who would become the primary caregiver for your children?  Who would manage your estate?  Answer those questions on a legal will TODAY!

While you are at it, consider a Healthcare Power of Attorney and a Living Will too.

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  1. Chris on April 8, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    A little known secret. My library, and I bet many others, grant access online with a library card to Legal Forms dot com and their data base of wills and other associated standardized state specific forms…..for free.

    This may be a way to save a few bucks and get the same or similar forms that’s in the link in your article.

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