SERIES: Wagon Staplers – Part Five – Rewards

In this series, I will be sharing some key wagon staplers – tools that I believe are essential to keeping one stapled to the wagon – because we all have the potential to fall off the wagon – these wagon staples’ will help keep you on the wagon even in your moments of weakness!

Part Five Reward Yourself For Victories!

It is extremely important to establish key milestones in your financial journey and celebrate as each goal is accomplished!   If you are in an incredible financial mess and are just getting started on your financial journey, make sure you reward yourself for the small (but extremely important) victories.   Victories when you are just getting started out include:

  • Not using the credit card for an entire month
  • Preparing a budget and following it for an entire month (we offer several free ones – they are located HERE!)
  • Getting completely caught up on your bills – no late payments!

Of course, the celebration/reward needs to align with the goal that was accomplished.   Maybe the beginner celebrations would be going out to eat at McDonald’s and using the Dollar Menu.

As you make progress, the celebrations can be greater.   Here are some examples.

  • Paid off all non-house debt! REWARD:   Use the payments you used to make for debt to fund a weekend getaway
  • Hit $100,000 net worth REWARD:   Give $1,000 to a non-profit that you care about greatly
  • Pay off the house! REWARD:   Throw the biggest blow-out mortgage burning party ever and then depart for a 14-day trip to Costa Rica.
  • Pay cash for a new car! REWARD:   Drive the car on scenic three day trip and stay at a different Bed & Breakfast each night
  • Hit $1,000,000 net worth REWARD:   Buy a ski boat and give away the same amount to a cause you care about greatly
  • Pay for kid’s college in cash REWARD:   See your child start out life with ZERO debt AND go visit them regularly and take them and their friends out to eat at really nice restaurants!!!

I can go on and on and on and on … with this subject because I know that encouragement toward goals is what helps us stay on the wagon the most!

QUESTION FOR THE READERS:   What rewards have you given yourself for “staying on the financial wagon” and achieving your goals?

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