SERIES: Wagon Staplers – Part One – Intro

“They keep falling off the wagon.”

Surely you have heard this statement made before.     It can refer to relapses related to an addiction or failing to uphold an exercise plan or diet.

Falling off the wagon.

I see it occur far to often when it comes to personal and business finances.   People know what they need to do, but they fail to follow through.   They might even know that their actions will result in great anguish and stress, yet they choose to continue.

Falling off the wagon leads to pain, heartache, frustration, stress and can have long-lasting consequences.

In this series, I will be sharing some key “wagon staplers” – tools that I believe are essential to keeping one “stapled” to the wagon – because we all have the potential to fall off the wagon – these “wagon staples’ will help keep you on the wagon even in your moments of weakness!

This should be a great series, and I look forward to the conversation!

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