SERIES: Why I Do What I Do – Part 1 – Calling

Welcome to the latest series on – Why I Do What I Do

In this series, I am going to share with you WHY I have chosen to invest my life, time, and effort into this crusade to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.

Part One Calling

I’ve heard it said that when you are called to do something, it starts with a burden that you can not shake.   When I became financially free, I realized the overall freedom that it brought to my life.   The stress reduction and increased unity in my marriage was incredible!   As I shared my story with other people at work, church, and in the community, the response from people was astonishing.   It became apparent to me that my lack of financial knowledge was not abnormal – it was in fact normal.   I discovered that normal in America is flat-broke and living check-to-check.   Normal in America is stowing away your dreams “because they are too expensive ,and we will never be able to do that.”

Yes, I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.   Yes, I have a Masters degree in Business Administration from Clemson University.   Yes, I had a personal dream of becoming a Fortune 500 CEO.   Yes, I was on my way to accomplishing that goal.   Yes, pursuing this calling would require a HUGE paycut.   Yes, this calling would require moving 11 hours away.

But I could not shake the fact that people needed help.

And they needed help NOW, not when I retired.

As a Christ-follower, I begged God to secure this calling by granting me perfect peace.   The peace that would enable me to clearly explain to people WHY I was leaving my career behind and pursuing this calling.   He provided it to me in August 2006.   On September 24, 2006, I began pursuing this calling full-time, and I’ve never looked back.

To put it simply, I am able to do what I am called to do.   I can say with 100-percent confidence that there really is no greater satisfaction than doing what one is called to do.

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  1. Travis on February 15, 2011 at 4:37 am

    Awesome! This is why I love to help others, because as the become free of the “normal” then they too BEGIN to BELIEVE that they too can pursue a passion!

    August 2006…. Was that in the parking lot Walmart? (If that the Sangl story I remember from counselor training.) God is able to reach you anywhere!

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