Unexpected money

If you have a detailed financial plan (a monthly zero-based budget) and you receive unexpected money, you will know exactly where that money can be put to good use. If you do not have a plan, there is a good chance that the money will leave you quickly.

Marketers understand our ability to impulse purchase when we receive unexpected money. To ensure that an unexpectedly large tax return is not used elsewhere, car dealerships will do your taxes for you if you use the tax refund as your down payment. Lottery winners are approached by many who have a “great deal” for them. Those who receive an inheritance are suddenly offered “opportunities” that did not previously exist. If a large company gives out bonuses every Christmas, the employees are all marketed to by the local stores and businesses to get them to spend the bonus at their store.

I believe that if we receive an unexpected money and there is no plan, then it is not going to be a financial help to us. It will only allow us to acquire more junk that we will later sell at a yard sale or give away to Goodwill. If we do have a plan (a monthly zero-based budget), we will improve our chances at gaining financial freedom.

Do you ever receive unexpected money? Do you have a plan?

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