Ways To Become Wealthy – Part 1

Welcome to the latest series on the wildly popular JosephSangl.com – “Ways To Become Wealthy.”  In this series, I will share the ways that I have seen people build wealth.

Part 1  Introduction

Let’s face it, every person wants to win with their money.  When given the choice between poverty, able to pay the bills, and wealth, most people would choose wealth.  While we know that money does not buy happiness, we certainly know that money is necessary for providing basic needs for ourselves and those that depend upon us.

When it comes to money, I have two choices:

  1. Use it to invest in items that build and preserve wealth
  2. Use it to spend on items that do not build wealth

I’m choosing to invest in ways that build and preserve wealth.  My energy can be focused on learning more about how to use the resources I am blessed with or it can be consumed with attempting to distribute amongst all of the bills I owe because I never developed a plan for my money.  It’s the same amount of energy, but it is much more POSITIVE energy when I am focusing on leveraging my resources for the better.

ACTION QUESTION:  “Is this expenditure helping me build and preserve wealth or will it hamper, delay, or destroy my ability to do so?”

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