Ways To Become Wealthy – Part 2

Welcome to the latest series on the wildly popular JosephSangl.com – “Ways To Become Wealthy.”  In this series, I will share the ways that I have seen people build wealth.

Part 2  No decisions available; No choice involved; and Ridiculous Options

  • Be born into wealth  Of course, you can’t choose this option, but this is certainly one way to become wealthy.  If this is you, congratulations.  Commit to use that wealth to build more wealth and serve others in incredible ways.
  • Marry into wealth  You can choose this option, but a person is pretty shallow if this is the criteria for a spouse!
  • Win the lottery  Current odds of Powerball Lottery is 1 in 195,249,054.
  • Inherit money from a long-lost relative  Who knows?  You might be a descendent of a long-lost king!

ACTION QUESTION:  “Are your children being born into wealth?  What steps are you taking to leave an “inheritance for your children’s children?”

While this was a fun blog post to write, we’re getting serious in Part 3!

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