Ways To Become Wealthy – Part 3

Welcome to the latest series on the wildly popular JosephSangl.com – “Ways To Become Wealthy.”  In this series, I will share the ways that I have seen people build wealth.

Part 3  Own A Business

Owning a business may not be for everyone, but this is one of the key ways that an individual can build wealth.  Think about this question for a minute – How much work can YOU physically do?  50 hours worth?  60?  80? 100?  At the end of the day, you only have two legs, two arms, and 24 hours to work.  Sure, you can increase your workload for a period of time, but eventually exhaustion will catch up with you.

A business system focuses the efforts of MORE people than just you!  The collective effort of many people yields far more than you can do on your own.  You can serve more people, reach further around the globe, and produce wealth!

I remember reading Proverbs 14:4 several years ago, and it captured me.

Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty, but from the strength of an ox comes an abundant harvest.” – Prov 14:4 (NIV:1984)

Think about it.  If you have no oxen, YOU have to do all of the work.  However, if you do have oxen, the oxen will do the work for you!  Think of a business as oxen.  The oxen will do more work for you that you simply do not have the capacity or ability to do!

ACTION QUESTIONS:  “What are your “oxen” that are producing wealth for you?  Do you even have oxen?  What can you do to get an ox?”

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