Win With Your Money In 2012 – 5

Welcome to the latest series here at – “Win With your Money In 2012″

It is our passion to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.

If you apply what is taught during this series, you WILL be able to win with your money in 2012.  Happy New Year!

Part 5 Make Your Goals AUTOMATIC

Despite our best efforts, we can fail to achieve the goals that we have established.  One key way that we can ensure that our financial goal is achieved is to make each one AUTOMATIC.

  • Want to give away $4,000 this year to your church?  Set up on-line giving to make it automatic!  $333.33 each month will ensure the goal is achieved.
  • Saving $2,000 for your emergency fund in 2012?  Establish an automated transfer of $166.66 each month from your regular bank account into a savings account and the goal will be accomplished in December!
  • Want to max out your Roth IRA this year?  Set up an automated transfer of $416.66 each month into your Roth IRA and you will achieve $5,000 by year’s end (or save $500/month if you are over age 50 and are catching up with $6,000/year)!
  • Want to pay cash for a $1,500 vacation in July?  Set up an automated savings account to save $250/month and you will be able to do so!

Trust me – it is usually NOT EASY to force yourself to set up these giving, saving, and investing goals to be automatic because:

  1. We KNOW that once it is set up to happen automatically – it IS going to happen, and
  2. We KNOW that it is going to make the monthly budget tighter

But it is so worth it!  Yes, it will be tough for the first few months, but I have found that our family adjusts within a couple of months.  After that, we don’t even notice anymore until …

  • vacation time rolls around and the money is there to pay cash!
  • you receive your giving statement and find out just how much you were able to give away!
  • you recognize that you are actually moving toward your retirement savings goals!

THAT is when you will say, “I’m truly winning with my money in 2012!”  GET FIRED UP!

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