10 Random Questions To Ask Yourself About Money – Part 3

Welcome to the latest series on JosephSangl.com – 10 Random Questions To Ask Yourself About Money

These are 10 questions that have personally challenged me in my finances, and I know they can help you too!

Question 3  Do I add value to my workplace?

This question can take one aback at first.  I have found that many people have never asked themselves this question, nor have they thought of their employment this way.  The fact is this: If we do not bring more value to our workplace than the amount of money our employer pays us, then we are not going to be employed long-term!

Here are just a few ways that employees add value:

  • Produce a product or deliver a service that the customer pays for
  • Sell products or services
  • Identify and deliver cost-saving opportunities for the company
  • Maintain accurate records and information such that wise decisions can be made based on clear information
  • Negotiate agreements with suppliers that result in savings for both parties

Employees that can clearly substantiate their value to their employer have a much better opportunity for promotions and pay increases – which can help the budget substantially!

ACTION: Take a few moments to write down the ways that you bring value to your employer.  Do your best to write down the actual value where possible.

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