SERIES: Top 5 Ways To Improve ROI – Part 5

Welcome to the latest series on this wildly popular website – – “Top 5 Ways To Improve ROI”

ROI: Return On Investment

Everyone wants to receive a positive return on their investment.  We are delaying the use of our money so that we can have more money in the future – at least that is the goal.  However, many people are seeing negative ROI over the past several years.  This is why I am writing this series – to help each of you make your money earn more.  These are the top five rules I use to maximize my money, and it has worked out well for me.

Part 5  Invest In What You Know

I don’t invest in random items that I have “heard” are good investments because it will be extremely difficult or even impossible for me to know if things are going well or how certain news might impact that investment.  I like technology.  This means that I naturally follow what is happening in the technology market.  I’m a consumer of their products.  When I see a good solution or product, I know it because I am directly impacted by it.  That means I am a more informed investor when it comes to technology companies.  I love manufacturing, and I continue to watch and monitor what is going on in the world of manufacturing.  It also means I am an investor in it.

My dream of “helping people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances” has been the largest single investment I have ever made – because I BELIEVE IN IT and because I KNOW IT.

Are you investing in what you know?

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  1. Steve on December 20, 2011 at 9:35 am

    Just because you know a product doesn’t mean the company that makes it is a good investment. Just because a product sells well doesn’t mean the company that makes it is a good investment. Individual stocks are risky investments. Mutual funds are much safer since they spread risk. Indexing is even better. Joe, appreciate what you are doing. How about a series on giving?

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